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Their Future depends on today

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We are here to help you pave the road for their future hope.


Nearly  (78.1%) childrend with depression received treatment.


6 in 10 children, with anxiety received treatment


More than 5 in 10 children with behavior disorders received treatment.


ADHD 9.8% (approximately 6.0 million population).

*Treatment rates vary among different mental disorders. Among children aged 3-17 years, in 2016

Our Services

We provide home-based services for:

Early Intervention for children 0-36 months

Language Skills (Receptive and Expressive)

ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) for children 3 & above




Social Skills

Behavior Modification

Our Mission

A place where we shape the future to it's full potential


Lemon Tree Pediatric Center is an ABA agency that is committed to helping children with special needs thrive, while also providing support to families to ensure the best possible success for our clients. 

Much like seedlings that eventually grow into formidable trees, children prosper under the care and nurture of not only their parents but also their communities. The team at Lemon Tree Pediatric Center strives to provide that sense of community in order to help every child open new doors to independence. 

Just as branches help transport nutrients from the tree trunk to the leaves, Lemon Tree Pediatric Center is dedicated to helping every child develop the skills (or “branches”) that are needed to overcome the various demands of everyday life at home, in school, and in the community.

Though life presents challenges that can seem bitter or sour at times, Lemon Tree Pediatric Center’s top priority is to support children in their growth, helping them turn these obstacles into experiences that are meaningful and vital to their development. 

At Lemon Tree Pediatric Center, we firmly believe that when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Since its inception, the team at Lemon Tree Pediatric Center has made it their life’s mission to be the pillars of support in this community, by helping children and their families embody this belief and achieve in all areas of life.

Behavioral  Therapy With Lemon Tree 

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We are here to support and guide you in navigating the complex healthcare system and addressing the unique challenges of your situation. A customized care plan helps to identify available therapy services, secure access, and facilitate collaboration between healthcare providers. We are here to help creating a strong system of care for family members anywhere on the behavioral challenge spectrum.



Updated Learning Curriculums

Mobile Support

Insurance & Financial Support


Plan & Schedule

Adjustment Correction


Kids in Preschool

What our  Parents Say

“Our ABA therapy experience with Debby was amazing. Debby helped us navigate through difficult behaviors with my daughter Roxy who was 3.5 years old at the time. Roxy was experiencing behaviors such as tantrum, eloping, putting non-edible in mouth, aggression, emotional outburst, not staying in her bed at night etc. Debby along with the RBT offered in person therapy 1:1 session at my home during COVID. Debby and her team were always professional, caring, knowledgeable and offered lots of parent support. Now, my daughter is almost 6, and does not have anymore major behavior problem. Overall, Debby and her team were a major impact on Roxy and myself as her mother. Thank you Debby."

Roxy’s Mom

" I remember having doubts about whether ABA would be right for Tony. After meeting Debby those doubts quickly disappeared. We started working with her in 2019 and I quickly saw a change in how Tony was learning and grasping onto new information. The sessions quickly turned from my son being nervous to him being excited to go see her. The impact Debby had on Tony & I is something I will never forget. I cannot recommend her enough to those who are looking to get started in ABA. To this day my son will still ask about Debby and that to me shows the impact she left on him."

Anthony's Mom

" Ms Debby is an amazing BCBA. In our time together she was compassionate and professional with my son. She truly went above and beyond to not only help him, but to help me as well. She definitely made a huge impact in our lives and I know she will change the lives of many children and families for years to come."

Hunter's Mom

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